Charles Dickens

Charles was born in 1812 and grew up to be a very famous writer. He attended school  then when he was 12 years old he went to work in a factory so he could help his family out. This was a very important part of his life,it set many of his ideas in his stories.After three years of working he returned to school. He started his career as a journalist. He married in 1836 and in the same month published the “Pickwick Papers”.I don’t really know any of his books but they are very popular and are probably good books to read.\


Pantene Commercial

The setting of this video takes place somewhere in China. The little girl in the story really wants to learn to play the violin, but is rejected and put down time after time. At first she is discouraged but then she finds the man that first inspired her to play. After talking to him she does not want to give up just because she is deaf and different from everyone else. She practices all the time and pushes herself to become the best she can be. When she becomes a truly amazing player she plays for the biggest crowd she has probably ever seen and plays with all her heart. This amazing performance leaves the entire crowd speechless. She didn’t think she could achieve because of her abilities but when you really work hard you can do anything.

During the renaissance period many people believed in ghosts and spirits. Seeing a ghost was a very scary thing because they were feared by people. They thought that any bad thing or bad luck was caused by a bad spirit. Black magic was used and was believed to be able to start a relationship with spirits. Witches were thought to bring people to the devil and make potions. The belief of ghosts was much more popular than. In today’s world not many people belive in ghosts but people still claim to see them.

The lyre bird

Wow what a strange bird! I belive that humans are having a huge impact on birds and all kinds of different animals. we are taking over thir space and running them out. Some animals are becoming very dependent on humans for food. this is not good for them at all beacause they will not know how to survive in the wild. we need to be more careful about what we are doing to influence these wild animals.


We  view people’s body’s in a lot of other ways than just a body, want to sell a car then just put a model in it. The media is everywhere, many women magazines has many things containing advertisements about weight loss. When people see images of the “perfect body” it makes many want to be like that so people start to starve their selves or get addicted to weight loss pills. I think this is very bad that the media is influencing people this much and it is making lots of people unhealthy. people are always trying to make their image look better mostly just to fit in and be accepted in the rest of the world.


Something tells me that witches during the Salem witch trials were not green, or dressed in all black clothing. They were just normal people trying to live a normal life. This defiantly shows that OUR interpretation on “witches” has changed a lot. If you was accused of being a witch in the old days than you was a horrible person working for the devil. Now it is just a fun thing to laugh about around Halloween. There can even be nice witches in some movies today!